Hi everyone!

As you probably saw when you clicked this link, my name is Marije *duh*. What's there to say about me? In all honesty I wouldn't even know how to explain some of my actions, even to myself.

I'm an awkward little fangirl, that's for sure. I'm the smallest person I've ever seen in my entire life (seriously, I'm  5'3")  and me and Annabel look super weird if we stand next to each other. Other than that, I'm super clumsy. I'm not even kidding. I'm genuinely surprised I haven't set a house on fire yet.

I'm waaay to addicted to all types of things. Let's see... One Direction, Five Seconds Of Summer, books in general, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Tumblr, music older than my parents, the TV show Friends, YouTube, Bruno Mars,  Instagram, the Dutch TV shows 'Expeditie Robinson' & 'Wie is de mol?', New Girl, music in general, Mean Girls, Vine, She's the Man and many other things. Gosh, I need a life.

Oh yeah, I'm Dutch and have known Annabel ever since our first year of secondary school, but we weren't really as close friends until the second year. But ever since we've been very close friends.

At cheesy moments, where everyone will go 'ew', I tend to go 'aw'. I'm ridiculously weird and perfectly fine with it. I tend to laugh extremely loud, in public and private, and to be honest, I really couldn't care less if people think I'm weird or not. I like to take ugly selfies and send them to Annabel. I have over 600 ugly selfies of Annabel and me. Asking what my favourite music is, is like asking who my favourite child is. I also tend to use phrases like 'omfg', 'tbh', 'legit', 'bc', 'fab', 'perf' a lot. Sarcasm is a girl's best friend.

So, I guess you now know a lot more about me!

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