Wednesday, 29 January 2014

3 ways to style 1 cardigan + OOTD

Hi everyone!

A black cardigan is a big must in your wardrobe. They're super comfortable and can be combined with anything you want! You can buy them basically everywhere, as allmost every store sells them. But, if you're out of inspirations for a combination, the black cardigan can come across as dull. So here are some of my combinations.

Outfit 1
This outfit is the most comfortable one. It's for when you don't really feell like dressing up, but still want to look presentable. It's a simple legging and a long blouse and you're all set!

  • Blouse - H&M
  • Legging - Only/Pieces (Dutch?!)
  • Shoes - Vans

Outfit 2
This is the most "grungy" of them all. It's a black and grey jeans combined with a checked shirt and some black boots. Perfect for them tough girls ;).

  • Checked shirt: Lady Sting (only availabe in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the UK!)
  • Jeans: H&M
  • Bracelets: Primark
  • Boots: Vagabond (it's a brand)

Outfit 3
This is the girliest of the three. It's an adorble dress with daisies and some colourful bracelets. How cute is that?!
  • Dress: New Look
  • Bracelets: Primark and a random shop
  • Tights: H&M (or any store, again, a basic piece of clothing)
  • Boots: Vagabond (it's a brand)

I tried to keep the outfits pretty basic and simple, they're just as inspiration. What outfit would you wear?

Bye and have a great day! <3


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