Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Visionboard 2014

Hi everyone!

Sorry this post is relatively late, but I really wanted to think good about this one. I wanted to make a visionboard (I know a bit late), as my "New Years Resolutions" already failed. I hope this'll do better. I'll put it as my background, so I'll see it everyday.

  • The one with the clothes and the ladder, is for buying clothes. It might sound really strange, but I always used to buy really cheap clothes that lasted two weeks tops. I want to start buying clothes that'll last a bit longer.

  •  The one on the right, next to it, is for roomspiration! I love decorating my room and plan on doing so this year.

  • The one with the journal and tea, is for more writing. I really like it and want to write more, so I hope to be writing a lot this year. I do think that'll improve with this blog... Also, I want to start keeping a journal. I tried and failed a lot, but this time I'd love it if it sticked.

  •  The one with the flowers, is kind of a joke. I'd like to keep flowers alive haha. I'm really bad at taking care of plants, because I always seem to forget giving them water. Also, it would be great to learn appreciate scenery a lot more.

  •  The one next to it is Katy Perry. Not because I'm her biggest fan every, I do love her music, but because this picture to me represents so much strenght. I love her strong and powerfull look, but at the same time, she looks really vulnerable. I also really love the simplicity of this picture and how pure it is. Plus, it looks like she has a lot of passion, which I think is really important. I do everything with passion.

  •  The lion, again, represents strenght, but physically. I really plan on improving my health this year. Fingers crossed!

  • The worldmap with the two hands represents travelling, which I'd love to do a lot more, and love. I haven't been in that many relationships and this year were to end whilst having one, I wouldn't complain. But hey, if it's meant to happen, it'll happen, right?

  • "I am so proud of you." This picture is really cute! I want to be more proud of the things I do, as I can be quite a perfectionist.

  • The one with the books and the bed, of course, represents reading! It's another thing I really love and want to do a lot more this year.
  • "Be yourself but be your best self." Again, improve myself, but this time, in kindness. I can be quite rude and I want to be kinder.

  • The camera is for something I want to start doing. I don't take a lot of photos, but I'm saving up to buy a good camera (Any recommendations?).

  •  The iMac, is for something I'm saving up to buy. I can slowly notice my laptop going crazy, so saving up is a must.

  • The ying yang tattoo represents two things. I'd love to get a tattoo, I will probably never get one but hey, a woman can dream!;) Also, it represents balance both mentally and physically to me.

  • And the notebook represents creativity to me. I'd love to be a lot more creative and make art in general, whether that's musically or in any other way.
That was my visionboard, do you have one? Show me! If you don't, what would you like to be on it? Sorry for all the 'I's in this post, but it was kind of personal. Did you already fail your New Years Resolutions, like I did? (wooow, this is a long one!)

Bye and have a great day! <3


P.S. All of my pictures are from Tumblr, so I am not claiming they are mine.

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