Saturday, 11 January 2014


Hi everyone!

How you doin’? (If you get that reference, I wuv you). I was thinking about what to post and as I’m on this website almost 24/7, I decided to write about YouTube.

I like YouTube because of the variety. You can watch all kinds of challenges, see cute puppies walk down the stairs or epic bungee jumping. I’ve been addicted to this site about one and a half years now and I can promise you, I don’t regret a thing. Well... It might have been better for my social life and grades if I wasn’t, but shhh.

Today, I thought I’d share some of my favourite YouTubers. I started with ten of my favourite, but it was actually quite hard to pick five of them. But here they are, in random order. (Actually they’re in alphabetical order, but all right, let’s just forget about that, shall we?)

First off, is Andrew Lowe. This boy is the least famous one, having just reached 100,000 subscribers. He can be very sarcastic and awkward, but in a fun way. He is best known for his 'Holiday Cooking with Andrew', that have never been on a holiday. Sometimes his recipes are a success and sometimes they’re a miss. Don’t let this confuse, as he is a comedy channel and not a cooking channel. One of his videos, 'REACTING TO MY OLD VIDEOS' , can be seen above. (His YouTube username is ohheyitsandrew)

Bethany Mota is obsessed with make up fashion and DIYs. Her channel is very popular with over 4,5 million subscribers! She's always very cheery and has just released her own clothing line at Aeropostale. She's almost always active on any of her social media sites and loves replying to some of her fans. She doesn't have a particular uploading day, but does upload frequently. In every video, she gives away something (little).  One of her videos, 'DIY Room Decorations for Valentine's Day & more!', can be seen above. (Her YouTube username is Macbarbie07)

Next up, is Dan Howell. This boy is hilarious & British. What more could a girl want? He and his room mate and best friend Phil Lester, have made many hearts break with their adorableness. He's famous for all of his awkward social skills and clumsiness. He often tells about his existential crisis, which he apparently he's already going through, not even having reached his mid-twenties. Nonetheless, his videos are very funny and relatable. His video, 'Dan the Dinosaur', can be seen above. (His YouTube username is danisnotonfire)

 Marcus Butler is British too and is absolutely hilarious. He uploads twice a week, on mondays are his 'Mondare Marcus', in which he gets dared to do some really crazy things. He has done many collabs and even released his own single, meant as joke, but very popular. He is super close to two million subscribers, as I'm writing this. His video, 'My Expectations vs Reality', can be seen above. (His YouTube username is MarcusButlerTV)

Troye Sivan is the only Australian one in this list. He's not only very talented as a singer but is also very, very funny. He participated in Australia's Got Talent, which kind of shows his talent. He came out as gay five months ago, from which he received a lot of love from his fellow YouTubers. Nothing really changed, other than a few more remarks about 'hot boys'. This boy is just adorable to watch! His video 'Waxing My Legs with Zoella', can be seen above. (His YouTube username is TroyeSivan18)

So these are some of my favourite YouTubers, what are yours? Bye and have a great day! <3


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